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Sales Associate


Cat or dog? Cat. But I’m a dog trainer and raise English Labrador retrievers. So dogs too!

Favorite style? Comfortable but classic.

Dream vacation? Rome or Egypt. I want to see something ancient and awe inspiring.

Favorite season? Fall.

Favorite restaurant? Depends on my mood. Olive Garden, Monicals pizza, and anywhere I can get good sushi. Oh and the blue iguana Mexican restaurant in Le Claire.

Hobbies? I’m a mom of three. So does going to baseball practice and games count? Honestly spending time with my family however I can.

What do you do when you’re not at work? I work my other job at my family dog kennel business, raising labs and children, running my dog training business. Oh and shuttling my kids, and my husband who is always their coach, to all their sports

Dream car? I honestly want my old Nissan Frontier pick up truck back. It was my baby. First car I really drove. Lots of life lived in that thing.

What is your EnTwined story? I was friendly with Melyssa on facebook. I saw that she posted about a part time position and messaged her! My mom and I loved shopping there and I was already employed in bishop hill so it kind of just worked out!

Favorite song/artist? Can’t do it. Everyday is a different genre, artist, or song. My playlist is weird.

Who is your role model? My mom. She is the strongest woman in the world. She takes care of all of us and I don’t know where we would be without her.

What do you love about Bishop Hill? I love the simplicity of it. Everyone is there for the same reason. History, tourism, and love of the town.

Travel tips? Baby wipes. Bring all the baby wipes.

Make up tips? Find what works best for your skin. Don’t compromise. I’ve had chronic acne since third grade. I used to cake so much on and of course that it made it so much worse. I use quality make up now and I make sure my skin gets make up free days several times a week. Sometimes you just gotta rock the simple look- do your brows and throw on some mascara and rock it.

Cooking tips? Butter and salt can save any meal. Have fun with food. Try new things. Go to different supermarkets for inspiration. Buy the random cook book you found at a garage sale. Stalk celebrity chefs on Instagram. You can’t become a better cook if you don’t try!

Share a recipe?
Sear your steaks in a pan with garlic and butter, don’t mess them up by using a grill. Ever wonder why restaurant steaks are better? That’s why! Don’t tenderize them. Just salt and pepper each side. wait til the butter is fully melted and searing hot. Three minutes each side. Spoon the butter over the top while the bottom sears. Finish in the oven with a tab of butter and some parsley on top. Let them rest for a few minutes before carving into it- trust me it’s worth the wait.

Fashion tips? If you don’t love it in the store you won’t wear it at home.

Favorite piece of advice? Love yourself.

Head to toe outfit for

Work: cute top, jeans or shorts, comfortable but pretty shoes. I’ve worked in the restaurant industry and with animals for a long time. It’s fun to finally be able to dress up for work!

School: I don’t attend school anymore. But when I did it was T-shirt and jeans and an oversized hoodie. Dog training g school was whatever was clean and had tons of pockets for treats

Going out: fave black top and jeans. Statement Earrings not necklaces. Shoes vary depending on activity but usually nice flip flops- I always end up on the dance floor.

Travel: leggings and a fun/witty T-shirt.

Vacation: tip from one mom to many. Embrace the neon colors. All of you. Take picture of each member of your family before you go out and talk about what color you are each wearing. Neon sucks for pictures, but will save your sanity in a crowd when you have kids.