Fall Fashion

Everything you need to know to be ready for fall fashion. 


There are people who prefer the hot weather of summer and it’s breezy outfits. There are people who would rather wear a sweater and sip a hot coffee while watching the leaves fall. But what about that awkward time of the year when it’s chilly in the morning/night and sweltering in the afternoon? Instead of making fashion sacrifices in the name of seasons, make the best out of both your summer and fall wardrobe.

It's all about the layers

Layering is key to beating the complicated temperature changes. You can easily stretch out the life of your favorite summer dress if it’s paired with a blazer, jacket, or larger cardigan, and on those even colder days, add a pair of tights underneath. You can easily remove a sweater from an outfit to cool off and still show a little skin.

fall fashion = Comfortable fashion

Don’t be afraid to show off your arms when the day calls for pants. A tank top and jeans pair together so effortlessly. Add accessories like a cute handbag or belt and you’ll look simply put together and comfortable. Let’s also not fail to mention that a maxi dress is basically a blanket and only one article of clothing, super cute and easy and you’ll get compliments all day long.

and the right fall footwear?

Sometimes, it’s all about the shoes. Get as much wear as you can out of your sandals and strappy heels, you’ll miss them when they’re packed away during the long winter months. They still look great with jeans, even paired with a light cardigan. On days when you want to show a little leg, a pair of ankle high booties go great with shorts or a skirt, short or long sleeves. A perfect way to transform a day outfit into a night outfit and definitely more appropriate footwear for when the leaves start to fall!


It feels like 2018 just started four days ago but for some crazy reason it’s already August. With everything that has been going on this year, there have been other things to focus on besides fashion. That is more than okay! But were here to bring you up to speed in case you feel behind. Summer came and went, and Autumn will be here soon. That means colors are changing, styles are changing, I didn't even get to wear my new sundress yet! So what is it now? What’s the newest trend, what’s “in”?

There’s still a little bit of Summer left as fleeting as it was. Summer colors this year are lavender, purple, sky blue, light green. Basically, lots of pastels (although in my not so humble opinion, black never goes out of style). Into the fall, fashion colors are more along the lines of deep, ruby reds, olive green, royal blue.

The flirty look of both the cold shoulder top and the crop top were huge this summer. In Autumn, we’ll see a lot of denim jackets and pant suits. Have you guys seen those things? They’re the article of clothing that looks like a maxi dress when it’s hanging up at the store, upon closer inspection, they’re pants. Surprisingly comfortable, pajama level of comfort, but they look really simple and professional. Who doesn’t love comfort while working?

High waisted jeans came back and it looks like they’re here to stay. Cropped sweaters are really big right now as well.

Bright rain boots and colorful windbreakers are keeping you in style on those rainy days. Walking down the street on a chilly day, every fifth person will have on a windbreaker. I even saw one straight out of the 90’s the other day, purple and teal triangles and all.

From the looks of it, large cardigans or jackets and thigh high boots are a popular look on the runway. A pair of black thigh highs can really spice up your look, even if it’s jeans and a hoodie or a little black dress.