Entwined Boutique Kendra



Cat or Dog? Dog

Favorite style? Dressy (assuming he’s talking about clothes lol)

Dream Vacation? Go to Europe and Sweden

Favorite Season? Fall

Favorite restaurant? Red Robin

Hobbies? Shopping if that counts lol

Dream car? Tesla model S

What is your Entwined story? Idk how to explain my entwined story but I know how the job has made me feel and that is happy and thankful. I have met and became good friends with some of the best people I have ever met. This job has brought me genuine happiness. I love seeing how happy the customers can get and how the regulars are almost like family. Like we are “entwined” with each other

Favorite Artist/Song? There’s so many songs it’s hard to narrow down but my all time favorite is “Blown away” by Carrie Underwood but my favorite artist would have to be Led Zeppelin

Who is your hero? My dad

What do you love about Bishop Hill? The history behind it all and the scenery.

Travel Tips?Uber and air bnb baby!

Favorite recipe? There’s simply never enough pasta bake for the whole family

Favorite piece of advice? It’s never too late to be happy

Head to toe outfit for the following?

Work: fancy and all dressed up
School: just rolled out of bed or dressed up
Church: fancy with some heels
Going out: usually rompers or dresses
Travel: depends on the weather but usually jeans a nice top with a cute pair of flats or sandals!
Vacation: usually fancy-relaxed.. meaning a cute T-shirt dress or a flowy dress with sandals!