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About Us

Valerie Currier

Store Owner

Someone once said “You need the right models for the right business.” I don't know about you, but I know that’s exactly what we have here at Entwined!

Every single one of us has a unique point of view, different body type, and our own fashion sense. It’s that's exactly what makes us so special.

WE A R E Entwined!!

We are here to represent all women. We are the faces of the shop, we are the ones finding the clothes you love, and we are here to make sure YOU walk out of our store feeling nothing but spectacular!

From a flattering dress, to a cozy cardigan, to the perfect pair of jeans! We pride ourselves on having something for everyone who walks through our door. 


Entwined Boutique was founded in 2015. We are located at 207 N. Bishop Hill St, Bishop Hill, IL 61419. 


207 North Bishop Hill St, IL 61419

Boutique Hours

Sunday - 10AM-4PM

Monday/Tuesday - CLOSED

Wednesday - 10AM-4PM

Thursday - 10AM-4PM

Friday - 10AM-4PM

Saturday - 10AM-5PM